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Meal Planning

Last week I watched my friend Ashley Brooke speak about her frustration with meal planning.  Even though we are in very different stages of life, my frustration with having meals prepped and ready to go at the end of the day is the same.  I watched her talk about how her mother told her she could manage it, and she did and realized I needed to do the same.  With one very active senior and all the volleyball games and school back in full swing, I have struggled at the end of the day to make it all work.  It occurred to me we are in a new season, and I just needed to tackle it full-on to feel successful.  If you feel the same way, I hope you will join me in tackling the elephant in the room and the text I dread most, what's for dinner

While contemplating this issue, another fantastic blogger I follow, Carly, shared a recipe for Chicken Meatballs from this website.  I did a deep dive into the tremendous suggestions and recipes and found some I was really excited about.  One thing I know is that I am visual.  If I can see a photo of a recipe or menu item, I am more likely to make it or order it.  This website has incredible photography, and I have found many recipes I would like to make.  My family is going to be in for a huge surprise. 

This weeks line up ... I will report back on the two that are new to us.  I felt very organized on Sunday to make a shopping list and knew I would have an answer for that dreaded 5 pm family text.  I hope they love them all!

Chicken Meatballs

Salisbury Steak (a favorite in our house)

Coconut Lime Chicken (another favorite I got from a friend)

Green Chicken Enchilada Casserole

Taco Soup (the easiest recipe around)

Cheers to all the yummy dinners at the table this week! 😍

1 comment:

  1. The Skinny Taste make ahead cookbook is another great source.
    My kids love so many of the recipes.
    Excited about this website.



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