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Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol.20

For the last 24+ hours, I have been glued to the news coverage of Hurricane Ian as it hits my beloved Florida.  I am heartbroken by the images that are surfacing and praying so very hard for those who have been affected.  We were just in Manasota Key in July and North Captiva last year, and the direct hit to the area honestly tears me apart.  I love my home state, its magic, and many untouched areas.  I am heartsick over their current state. I have found several ways to help, and this article seems to have listed many of them for us feeling helpless.  If you are looking for ways to help, I will start here. 

When I am heavy in thought, I seem to post a bought-and-loved post.  I think it is an easy brain dump for me, and I know you all love these blog posts, so it is something I can give you. Like when I journal, brain dumps are so good for clearing thoughts and trying to be positive when it gets heavy. 💗 With that being said, here are six things I have bought in the last few weeks that I think you will love. 

My friend Nicole is selling the cutest tissue box covers.  She is a collector of vintage fabrics, aren't we all, and uses some of her collection to create something beautiful and beneficial.  I have loved mine, and using a tissue each morning makes me smile thinking of her.  There are a limited number of them left. Grab one quickly!

When prepping to travel to New York this week, I noticed I was almost out of my favorite mascara. When I realized I didn't have time to order it before the trip, I decided to try another mascara I had heard many things about, the Ilia mascara. I can share. I really love it.  It gives you lots of volume and is easy to remove.  It is not tubular mascara, as my other one is, so I will be using both, but the Ilia is a fantastic option.  I also snagged a new blush color for a change, and I love it.  I use the color Beverly Hills.

Are you following Iconic Boat and Tote on Instagram? Some of the boat totes she shares are hysterical!! I immediately thought of a cheeky saying the second I spotted this plaid tote in my local store.  How fun would it be monogrammed in orange, yellow, or hot pink?  Stay tuned; I will make it happen!!

I am sure you are sick of me talking about these leather pants, but I just can't stop. I wore them this week and loved them, and I have plans to wear them again next week a little more dressed up.  I also noticed they now come in chocolate brown. Can you even?? They are currently 30% off, so I will also be snagging the brown.  They are so very comfortable and so versatile.  I am really so in love with them and never expected to be. 

And, lastly, these excellent paper plates.  I am working on styling a dinner party in late October, and these majolica paper plates are unreal.  Yes, I will be using paper plates and many disposable products since we will be moving from dinner to an activity, and we need a quick cleanup.  These plates are so darling and surely will sell fast.  She has both the dinner size and the salad size, so snag them while you can. 

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