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Happy Birthday Weezie!

One of my favorite brands, Weezie Towels, is celebrating its 4th birthday this week!  They are offering 25% off their inventory to celebrate, making my favorite towels and accessories even better.  I love my Weezie towels and have written about them so many times.  I use them daily, take them when I travel and love to gift them to others.  There is nothing better when you travel than to take a Weezie kitchen towel set to the hostess.  Everyone loves Weezie, and you will easily win the hostess gift award when you bring along a hostess gift from Weezie.

I decided the best way to share my love for Weezie would be to share with you how I would gift these for the holidays and to get you ahead of your gift list. I am telling you, you can't go wrong with a gift from Weezie. As I shared above, I take a few of my pieces with me when I travel.  I have gotten spoiled with the plush soft pieces I own, and hotel towels just aren't the same.  I take one bath towel with me along with my makeup towels, my hair towel, and usually a hand towel. 

Pair of makeup towels (now $30) - perfect for a bestie happy, stocking stuffers (can divide into 2 gifts), Teen birthday gifts, use in your guest bathroom (a must)

Kitchen towels (now $33) - perfect as a hostess gift (can divide into 2 gifts), the ideal gift for your mother or MIL, a housewarming gift

Bathrobe (now $108-150) - perfect wedding shower gift, new baby happy for the mother, best friend bday gift, and gift for any woman in your life

Towel wrap (now $66) - perfect Teen gift and a necessity for anyone heading to college

Hair towel (now $25.50) - perfect for a bestie happy, stocking stuffers, Teen birthday gifts, ideal wedding shower gift, best friend bday gift, and gift for any woman in your life

Piped Edge Starter set (now $198) - the ideal wedding gift, so good for a housewarming gift for someone close to you, and the best way to really get the basics if you are new to Weezie

Get shopping now; the sale ends tomorrow at the end of the day! Happy birthday Weezie, you know I love you all!! 💗

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