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Bougie Because I Hustle

If you missed the announcement yesterday, the cutest sweatshirt just dropped on the scene.  My sweet friends Nicole and Emily collaborated to make the most extraordinary design available on a precious pink sweatshirt.  Mine arrived last weekend, and I stalked it waiting to be able to wear it when it launched.  I love a cheeky sweatshirt, and this one is just perfect. 💗

You can order yours here and order a second to give as a gift.  I think it is perfect for a holiday or birthday gift, and I bought an extra for a bestie.  We all hustle, so we are all bougie.  Does it get any better than that?

I have shared three ways I will wear mine and all other cheeky pieces I own.  The best part about cheeky fashion is that it is expected to be extra, so why not lean in?

Happy Thursday ... and let's all be Bougie!

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