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Hostess Gift Shopping

I mentioned on Instagram that I would dissect the brand new Mrs. Southern Social x Dillard's collection for hostess gifts for the holidays, and today I am here to deliver on that promise.  I have seen the collection in its entirety at this point, and I can tell you it is even better in person than any beautiful image can do justice.  I am really so smitten and so proud of my dear friend, it will be very popular!

When viewing the items in person, I kept thinking about what great gifts some of the pieces would make, and I am all about getting a head start on holiday gifts.  I think unique hostess gifts can be tricky, but this collection and the suggestions below should have you covered.  

First of all, can we all pause for a moment for this journal?  Delegating is something we all need to do, to do, and it's also something we all struggle to do.  I love that the journal is pretty specific, just simply put, delegate.  Anyone you gift this to will be blessed by it and reminded daily we can't do it all and we most definitely can not do it by ourselves. 

These darling red velvet bow napkin rings.  First of all, I can't tell you how precious they are, but also, everyone loves a bow, and they can use them more often than just at Christmas. How cute would they be for Valentine's Day?  You could include napkins with your gift, but you definitely do not have to include them.  They are unique, just as they are! 

These napkins are another excellent option for a hostess gift, as they are simple and perfect for many occasions.  The red trim makes them ideal for Christmas and any other table you would set with red.  You can monogram it in red, as Mary did for me, or you could use a coordinating color that would be so fun.  How about blue, pink, green, or even white? I would gift them and then note how fun they would be monogrammed.

This vase.  I am completely smitten with it, and I think it is incredible.  It comes in two sizes, and I think it makes the best gift, and it would be fabulous filled with red roses for a Christmas hostess gift.  However, the vase alone is an excellent gift and will be loved for many reasons and years to come.  I have ordered more than I care to share. 😂

These darling Christmas tree place card holders are also such great gifts.  I don't have enough of these; they can be used for much more than just on the table. They are fabulous for labeling food on a buffet and perfect for a charcuterie board.  I highly recommend having them and these darling green trees are just precious.  They would be darling paired with a great set of place cards, and if you monogram them, even better. If you want a recommendation for a great set of place cards, I would suggest these.  They are large and leave enough room for anything you need to add. 

As an avid Staffordshire pup collector, I think these white pups are white pups are just precious.  I love that they come with a red velvet bow that can be changed for any other ribbon you wish.  They are a great size at 8.7 inches tall, have a fantastic price point, and would be a darling gift as a single or in a pair.  You can gift it with an extra ribbon if you are like me and love to tie bows on all our pups.  

Last, I am completely enamored with the incredible hand-painted ornaments.  This one and this one are more incredible than you can imagine.  They would make over-the-top ornament exchange options and serve as hostess gifts everyone will discuss for days.  I have both sizes and think they are epic.  The details are truly stunning, and who doesn't love a blue and white chinoiserie addition to the holidays?

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