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How To Elevate A Candle

A great candle instantly makes the house feel more like home. When we travel by car, I always take a candle with me to give the space a more homey feel.  Since launching my candle with Southern Bungalow Co. in August, I can tell you that one of them is always burning in the house, giving it a fantastic scent and feel. Creating my own candle has been a dream for me; I use them often and love to gift them, and now I can give a candle of my own. I love hearing that people love the scent and enjoy their new Southern Bungalow Co. candles; I also love mine. I love hearing that people love the smell and enjoy their new Southern Bungalow Co. candles. I also love mine. It is a great clean scent, and the coconut wax and essential oils combination help to keep it a safe option for a candle in your house.  All in all, I am thrilled with Behind The Boxwoods!

When I display a candle, I use a fun dish under it. I love how it looks with a plate; I think it elevates it just a wee bit. Actually I think it truly changes the whole vibe and takes it to the next level.  I sometimes set the candle on a table or on a set of books and the candle set, as I call it, definitely makes it even more special. I sell the plates + match holders in the shop and enjoy gifting these candle sets. Finding single bread plates, saucers, and fun vessels to hold long matches is one of my go-to things when shopping at an estate sale. I have found it is fun to give new life to that single plate or saucer, and placing it under a candle instantly gives it a little something extra. 

For the candle launch, I curated many candle sets for the shop; each was loaded this morning and ready to shop. I think these candle sets instantly elevate any candle and make the best gifts for others.  I gift them as hostess gifts, small thank you happies, and even a fun sursie for your best friends.  Once you use a candle set, it is hard to use a candle without one. 

Each set includes the plate underneath the candle and a small vessel to hold long stem matches.  Included in the group is a strike sticker you can add to the bottom of the match holder.  You have a darling set for your new candle when you set them together.  If you are looking for one, I definitely recommend Behind The Boxwoods.  Clearly, it is my favorite!

You can see the candle sets and purchase them here!

Happy Wednesday ... 

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