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Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 21

Our week has been crazy.  Renovating is no joke, and our contractor is blowing through so quickly, so things move so fast.  Every morning when he arrives at 7 am, he asks for something and needs questions answered.  I could not love him or his work ethic more! It has been a lot to manage, but it went perfectly. So ... to condense my thoughts of the week, I thought a great Six Things post was in order. Plus, since we bought so many things last week and this one, I have much to share. 

First of all, our vanities.  We ordered them, and three days later, they were delivered. My husband and I scoured the internet, looking for just what we wanted and loving the ones we chose.  We needed 48" vanities to leave enough room for our antique piece that will take up space on a wall, and I think they will be perfect. My last vanity space was so ample but not very superb, with drawer space.  Each one was small and not user-friendly.  So, even though I am losing a significant bit of counter space, I am not losing any storage. That is a win, win for sure. The vanity came with two choices for hardware, and I may not use either, but they are both really lovely. 

Talbots sent me a happy box last week, and I was so excited to open it and find a pair of fabulous jeans.  The Luxe Touch Slim Ankle Jean is fantastic.  They are soft, slimming, and look incredible.  I am thankful for the gift and would quickly repurchase them in a darker wash.  I give them four stars! 

I also purchased the cutest loafers this week and have already worn them twice.  I have one pair of navy loafers, but since navy is my favorite neutral, I grabbed these too.  I love the Eiffel Tower and the simplicity of the shoe; it will really go with anything and everything.  They are currently on sale for less than $80.

While organizing my kitchen and butler's closet, I realized the china separators I used could have done a better job.  My mother shared with me the ones she uses, and I grabbed several boxes of them.  I have now replaced all of mine, and I am thrilled.  I have noticed the china seems much more secure in the cabinets and doesn't move around like before.  I give these five plus stars. 

The front door is changing again. I know it is a lot of change happening.  The orange was temporary, and the HOA did not approve it to be permanent.  I have been searching for green colors I love and have narrowed it down to three.  One of which is the green in the image above. I wish I could just order the whole room, isn't it lovely.  Since our den is in disarray, I love this image and its festive feel. I have googled vintage paper mache pumpkins for next year and found several good ones here and on Etsy. 

And lastly, I bought this and genuinely love it. When I was looking for mirrors for our bathroom, I wanted something that felt antique but without the antique price. This mirror perfectly fits the bill, and I spotted them on sale when I searched for them for you today.  They are stunning, and I can't wait to see them hung. 

You can stay tuned on Instagram for bathroom updates.  It is shocking to me how fast it is changing. 

Happy Friday!


  1. Well, bummer, even though I am totally a PINK person thru and thru, I actually liked your orange front door quite a lot.....

  2. Any photos of butler's closet? I love any glimpse of your China a nd other pretties!



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