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Lessen The Hate

I have read and witnessed a few things of late that have given me a heavy heart.  On Monday, I searched for an image of our bathroom and stumped into a pit of hate on the internet that has given me quite a bit of pause.  Beyond that, I am beside myself with the amount of hate rampant in the media, the world, and the communities where we live.  How did it get this bad, or has it always existed, and I just see it without blinders?  And what do we do?

I am an empath.  I feel deeply, and when others hurt, I have difficulty dealing with it.  It will physically hurt me, and my mental health will take a hit. I think what really gets me is the amount of hate I see and read about in our world.  We can call it many things, but hatred boils down to one simple thing. When our children were little, I made the word hate a terrible word.  I taught them that hate was something you saved for injustice and things that needed to be changed.  We don't hate people, things, or anything superficial.  It was a simple thing, but hopefully, it made an imprint on them. We are called to love all things, including our neighbor, and there is no space for hate. 

So, how did we get here

I know the last years have been hard on all.  We have been through a pandemic, a presidency that further split the parties, and many lost jobs, homes, and heartache.  It has not been easy for one single person. I can not think of one person who hasn't dealt with struggles, some of whom were life-changing. Simply put, life has been a CHALLENGE. However, I think social media and our own efforts have made issues so much worse. We read about something, assume it is a fact, and then garner our own opinions. We don't like something because someone else doesn't like it either.  It is petty. 

Yes, this is not the uplifting and inspirational posts I yearn to share.  But I hope it will help someone who may feel the same way I do. I am outraged at the state of the world.  I am sad and worried, and I pray harder every day.  We have two new voters in the house, and I pray they do their research and vote on how they feel will make the most change for their beliefs. I pray they see change instead of discourse.  I pray they see and become part of the bridge that will bring people back together instead of further apart. I pray that hate will lessen, even if only a bit. 

Monday, when I was looking for the photograph for the blog, I came across a feed discussing our family and definitely me.  Before I closed the thread, I read that I am awful, a terrible wife and mother, and I just need to stop.  Well, thank you, but no. The people who decide that their feelings and thoughts deserve to be added to a forum of hate need to think long and hard about where their life is going.  I am positive that time and energy can be better used donated to a charity or used to work on their own issues.  It is not welcome or respected here. 

This is part of our world today, and I am here to make some suggestions for change. First of all, vote. If you don't love who is in office representing us, be part of the change. We shouldn't sit still and complain about it and take action to do something locally. The best thing we can all do is work to change where we live.  In our family, in our community, and in our city. My biggest job is raising respectful and responsible children who stand up for injustice and be part of the solution. Our conversations in the past few months with their thoughts on the future are encouraging.  If you wonder where we are headed, talk to some teens and college students about their feelings about political issues. They will surprise you.  I wish some of the teens I know could run for office and make profound changes. 

Second of all, let's do some positive things for ourselves. We need to be making positive changes to want positive change. Volunteer, feed the homeless, get involved in local charities, and do something for someone that can't do it for themselves. 

Third, stop hating. Why? Why do we need or benefit from hating a person or a group? What does that do to feed them or us?  I watched a video this morning made by a girl I know socially talking about antisemitism.  She spoke about how she heard jokes made and didn't do anything to stop them. It gave me pause.  I am sure I can step up and remove myself from situations or add some polite commentary to shut down things I hear that aren't appropriate, and I vow to do so. It may be a slight change, but it is something I can do and will do. 

Four, pray.  We must pray for our country, its people, and each other. Maybe now more than ever. 

This post was more for me than anything.  It gave me a place to speak things on my heart and maybe lessen the load. And maybe, just perhaps, it was for you too. If you feel the same, you will hopefully feel a little better. And if you are part of the problem, as we all are, let's be part of the future. 

It all starts somewhere. 


  1. This is unacceptable. I agree with you 100 percent, and I am so sorry that someone out there has so much time on their hands that they can spend it hating on others. I admire your dedication to your family, to your home, to your career, and to your friends. You've got a friend in me.

  2. Thank you for taking a stand against hate in general. But for your own good, ignore the haters when the hate is directed at you. When people belittle others, it is usually a reflection of their own complexes...they try and destroy those who have what they lack.

    From my end, all I can say is thank you your imperfect perfect life. Thank you for sharing your faith in a non-preaching manner. Thank you for sharing your family. Thank you for sharing your positive thoughts and energy. Thank you for sharing your difficult helps to see there are others who are in the same boat . Thank you for sharing images of your lovely home. Thank you!



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