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A Bigger Redo

Remember last month when I shared we were doing a Little Redo?  As I sit amongst stuff everywhere in my house and tarps galore, I realize that this redo is anything but minor. Holy dust and stuff, every place the eye can rest.  I am so ready to start cleaning and organizing again, but yet I think we have about three more weeks. I recommend a repipe or a bathroom redo, and maybe not both at the same time.  However, I would not want to do all this again later, so there is that. 

It is a mess, and we are tackling it daily and looking forward to the completion. 

My goal all along was to keep the wallpaper in our bathroom intact as much as we could.  The more the design process went along, the less that seemed likely.  When we moved our shower from one side of the room to the other, I knew it was not looking positive, but I held out hope. As soon as they started the gut process, it became apparent I would need more wallpaper to make it happen, and after two days of research from my sweet friend Eric we hit an absolute dead-end.  The wallpaper could not be saved, and there was no more to be found.  

Rip the wallpaper.  That was a super hard day for me.  Lots of work on my part, and I just had to let it be. I tried my best, and Eric tried his best.  It was not meant to be.  

So, what's next for the bathroom?  After some research this week and some sourcing, I am excited about our next plan.  As much as I loved the last look of our décor in the bathroom, I will love this one even more. I am doing my best to get things in before the end of the year, but this bathroom may come into play in pieces. And that is perfectly ok.  It is going to be fantastic when it is done. 

Eric sourced the stunning wallpaper for me, I added in the Sister Parish fabric, and at the last minute yesterday, I decided to add some stunning majolica to help bring in the green from our bedroom.  As soon as I laid it all together yesterday, I knew I loved it. As I said, we may add fabric after moving back in, but I am fine. It is the perfect addition, and I am more than happy to wait if I must. 

Next month I will hunt for the perfect armoire at Scott Antique Market, and I hope it is there waiting on me.  I have shopped so many places and found some perfect ones, but ... I just need to make sure it is everything we need it to be since it is replacing our linen closet. 

We are getting really excited. Fingers crossed, and prayers they are done by Thanksgiving. 

Happy Friday!

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