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Thanksgiving Edit

Don't fret; we have agreed to attend Thanksgiving with my in-laws; there is no way my house will be dust free and ready to host on time. Praise the Lord, my brother-in-law invited us; we will have the best meal with family and can forget the mess at my house while we are there. I love Thanksgiving as it is the perfect time before Christmas to sit and be thankful before the crazy hits.  It is also the time I remember most when traveling to my aunts; everything would feel so festive and warm. My parents will be with my aunt and uncle, and we will be back together at Christmas when my house is again ready for viewing. 

I was lying in bed last night dreaming of turkey dinner, and before you knew it, a table had come to fruition in my head.  If I was setting the table, this is what I would do. 

Take your everyday dishes and flatware, some of mine above, and mix them with extra pretty items to make it all memorable.  Oh, and easy. 

Everything is linked here ... enjoy and order ASAP.

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