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Bespoke Gift Giving

Of all the beautiful pieces we own in our home, the custom and bespoke pieces are one of my favorites.  There is something about the extra details and unique additions that make them stand out.  I will never forget when my friend Emily McCarthy offered to create a custom couture monogram for me in 2015.  I was blown away, and when she delivered it to me stitched out on a pillow, I shed tears of love and joy.  I knew she had taken time to sit and think about me and our relationship and created something that she knew would be special.   

A few years later, Emily and I partnered with June St. George to use that stunning monogram on a bespoke rug.  From the second I started speaking with the team at June St. George, I knew they were incredible.  The rug they were designing was entirely up to me.  Did I want cotton or wool?  Which colors were the best for me?  Where would I use the rug? What border did I want?  The process was fun; they produced the exact rug I had designed online.  During the process, they ship samples of the fibers you think you want for you to properly color match them to your décor.  From the first email to the rug delivery was an incredible experience, and even now, when I see the rug in our guest bathroom, I smile.  I love it so very much.  Never had I designed a rug or carpet. They made the experience easy and created just what I was hoping for. 

June St. George creates much more than bespoke rugs; they also sell pillows, doormats, and porcelain.  You can choose one of their designs to customize or import something of your own, and best of all, they are running a fabulous Black Friday sale. 

This is an excellent time to create a lovely and custom gift for those on your wish list. I plan to customize a doormat, with our monogram to give to my husband.  I think a doormat is an excellent first Christmas as a married couple present.  The pillows are fun and easy to add anywhere in your home.  Maybe I need a pair for the bench I just moved into our new bathroom?  

The cut-off for bespoke pillows and doormats is next week, November 28th, so make sure you take advantage of the fantastic sale to snag some gifts.  We are going to my brother in laws for Thanksgiving, and I wish I had ordered a doormat to take with me, but I can easily design one now and have it shipped with a note thanking them and wishing them a Merry Christmas. And the best part?  I can customize it just for them.  Does it get any better?

You can shop June St. George here and see so many of their products and endless inspiration on their Instagram account.  And stay tuned; that bathroom above just got a little makeover and the bespoke June St. George rug looks better than ever in the new space. 

Happy Wednesday ...

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