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The Crew is 50% off

Is anyone else slightly excited about shopping this weekend?  I save so much of my Christmas shopping for after Thanksgiving to get some excellent sale prices. I have a list of things to purchase and will be ready to shop the second I see the prices and details. I am excited about my list of items to share with you after the busy sale weekend, as this year, I have partnered with a list of small businesses I will spotlight in detail.  You will love these people and their inventory and hopefully knock some dents in your shopping lists.  Just wait; it will be so good. 

Before next weekend and Small Business Christmas, we will take advantage of some massive pre-Black Friday sales.  Let's start with J.Crew and J.Crew Factory, both 50% off now. If you have your eye on something, get it while supplies last.  The prices are insane!

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