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Best Things I Bought in 2022

As I was working on Monday's post, I started thinking about all the items I bought in 2022 and what were my true favorites.  When I realized I had made some fantastic decisions, I realized it was worth the share. My list is all over the place, but it should be since, as women, we buy for the house, our family, and for ourselves.  This is an excellent list of many items I bought and loved and would buy repeatedly. 

* In the first few months, I invested in a pair of regular denim and white jeans in the same cut as last year.  I have loved them more than most in my closet and have since purged others that didn't work out.  I still wear them regularly, and I get asked about them every time.  I would purchase them again, and I need to, as they are the most worn in my closet. This is the dark and white pair, which are both currently on sale. 

* Talbots sent me these jeans mid-year.  I love them, they are incredibly soft, and I wore them all fall and winter long mixed in with the two above. Adding the 5% cashmere is the key to the softness of these jeans! They are currently on major sale so snag them quickly before they sell out.

My favorite sweater is the Teddie sweater, my most worn and go-to in my closet. I have it in so many colors and continue to add to them.  They are currently on sale, and I just snagged a new black one, a new navy one, and this pink one.  If I have to pack, I always include my favorite jean outfit, a Teddie + jeans + sneaks, loafers, or slides, depending on the weather.  

* I mentioned this trash can in yesterday's post.  I think it's the best one I have ever purchased for a bathroom, and I can not recommend it enough. Yes, it's a trash can, but it's sleek, works perfectly, comes with bags, and opens and closes.  I didn't know that I would love a lid on a bathroom trashcan; now, I do not know if I can own one without one. 

* As you know, I am a loyal Barrington Gifts fan, and I purchased several bags last year.  My collection increased with another: this bag I used for my needlepoint, this keyring wallet I am obsessed with, and this bag for my mom.  The needlepoint zip bag has been so helpful to me in keeping my needlepoint organized and with me at all times.  The keyring wallet is exactly what I wanted and keeps me from carrying my keys and wallet when I hop out of the car quickly.  And lastly, my mother is raving about this travel bag I bought her.  I do not have one yet, but I plan to add one to my collection soon.  It is the perfect slide over your suitcase and travel piece. 

* I bought two of these coffee cups for our guest room last year and have used them repeatedly for myself.  About a month ago, my husband broke one, and I immediately ordered another pair, leaving one for me to use.  They are so pretty, and everyone compliments me when I use them.  If you need a great team of mugs, I highly recommend these.  The collection is stunning, but the coffee mugs are my first addition. How darling is this pattern if you own a place on the water?

* After watching the world talk about Our Place Always Pan for over a year, I bought two for us and some for gifts this Christmas.  I can not say enough good things about the skillet and the Perfect Pot.  We use them daily, and my 25-year-old All-Clad is finally getting a break.  I love everything about the pans and want to add this one to our collection.  I do not love our sheet pans and think one or two would be helpful.  I bought the Blue Salt for our kitchen.

* Another staple in my wardrobe is my Stubbs & Wootton loafers.  As I type, I am wearing the white jeans above, my new pink Teddie sweater, and velvet loafers.  They are classic, wear well, hold up beautifully, and stand the test of time. The loafers are pricey, but they go on sale quite a bit and always seem to have a 50% off section on their website. I bought two teams second-hand on The Real Real last year to add to my growing collection and found it a great way to collect them.  I always search out the barely worn, well-taken care of pairs, which works well each time.  I love my loafers!

* Y'all know I finally scored my dream coffee table a few weeks ago.  I have loved and dreamed of owning this coffee table for a few years and found a perfect one to add to our home.  It fits beautifully and looks so good in our den.  I can't wait to add our rug soon; I am ready for that cozy feel. If you have a Ballard outlet close to you, I suggest you check it for the table, where I found mine at a significant discount. 

* Speaking of furniture, I also added a game table to our den, which I LOVE.  I had the vision of playing games and doing puzzles by the fire, and my son and I used it last weekend to play a few rounds of Rummy.  He beat me every game, but I loved playing in the den with the fire going; it was heaven. I found mine at an antique store and have been storing it for so long; I would search FBMP for one or check your local thrift and antique stores for a great one. I am now down the rabbit hole searching for vintage games to add to my collection and found this.  How fun is this?  I think the selection is so good, and you can customize them too. 

* I bought this sweater shaver mid-year to resurrect some of my favorite sweaters.  I do not like any sweaters that pill, and this has been the best way to fix them.  I needed to shave several of my sweaters and pulled the shaver out as I wore them.  It is truly like magic, and they instantly look brand new again. 

* For my daughter's 18th birthday, we bought her diamond earrings.  They are small, and I bought them from Shane Co., a local jeweler, where they have an upgrade policy.  You can choose three different levels of diamonds for studs, and I chose a good pair in about a .25.  I can take them back and upgrade them for the total price when special occasions happen.  I love that this tradition is set, and she will have them for so long.  I highly recommend this for you or for gifts.  Her earrings are sparkly and were perfect for about $400.  

* As always, my skincare is a big focus as I am over 50.  I still use my Beautycounter daily and added a few extra items to swap it up.  I do not want to not age, but I do want to age gracefully, which means doing all I can to take care of my skin.  As you know, I am focused on green, and sanitary products, which means I research to ensure what I use is good for my skin and not exposing me to anything harmful.  I also make sure I am not wasting any money.  That will not do for me. With all that being said, I added a few things to my routine and listed each below for you.  I have used and purchased them each again, so I can tell you I love them all. 

I wash my face twice each night ... once with my Beautycounter face oil cleanser and then again with Tula Purifying Cleanser. The oil cleanser removes all makeup and any product I use that is supposed to stay all day, and the second cleanser washes my face.  I swear by this routine. 

I saw a friend use this eye roll, and I was immediately influenced to try it.  Not only does it help with my morning eyes, but it also makes them cold and feels fantastic.  I brush my hair and pull it back before heading for coffee and give my eyes some love with this each morning.  I am telling you, it feels so good and genuinely works. 

Last but truly not least, I also added this product to my repertoire. I always felt like my teeth were yellow, but I didn't want to bleach them.  I have used these strips and really love them.  I use them before bed and like how clean and bright my teeth feel each night.  And, bonus, they are clean.

* Finally, after needing them for many years, I upgraded our outdoor lights.  These are precisely what I wanted, and I was so excited when I found them.  

* I purchased an apple watch on a black Friday sale at Walmart in December.  It is not the newest version, but I don't need it.  As a blogger, I have my phone in my hand too much.  I always keep it out at a meal when the kids aren't home since I am a mom, and I worry.  I thought I would love being able to glance at my watch and not have to pull out my phone.  I also keep my ringer to hear if the kids or my husband needs me.  I have a phone issue, but I blame it on the trauma.  This watch has been so freeing.  I can leave my phone in my purse and just glance at my watch to make sure they are all good and move on.  I can not tell you how much I love my look.  It brings me so much peace, and honestly, I wish I had bought it a year earlier. 

I will refer to this list many times during the year as I buy gifts for others.  The best gift you can give is one you wish you could keep for yourself!


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