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New Year, New Lists

Happy New Year
!  And first off, let me say I am so excited to be sitting at my computer this morning with the sun pouring in my office window, ready to start a new year of work.  I took an extended, unplanned hiatus after realizing I was exhausted, spent, emotionally drained, and needed proper rest.  The two months of renovation and leaks wore me out to a place I hadn't been in a long time.  One day of rest turned into four, and then I realized I just needed to wholly lean in and take some time off.  I feel refreshed, full of creativity, and ready to tackle this year.  And this year, I can only pray it's even more impressive than last.  Wow, 2023 has a lot to measure up to ..., and I can't wait to see it unfold. 

During the time off, I spent a lot of time resting and leaning into each day.  It was good and something I needed to do for a few years. While away, I found some great things to share with you today, so this will be a bit of a six-things post, but maybe more.  I am inspired to share something I love and think you will like just as much. 

So, here we go

My Stanley cup. I watched for months as other bloggers and friends chatted about their 40oz. Stanley cups and just dismissed them each and every time. Well, until I was having a bad day, someone shared they found a pink one, and within a few minutes, I had purchased it.  It arrived, and I decided to take it for a spin, and it has been a true love story ever since. This cup is really excellent.  I love the handle, I love the straw, and I love that I have 40oz of water ready to drink at once. These cups sell out all the time, and the only ones I could find are at Dick's and come in a few different blue options.  I am telling you, I really love my cup. 

Eyelash curler. My daughter has been telling me for a while I needed to purchase an eyelash curler.  Whenever I compliment her eyelashes, she says, "you need an eyelash curler."  Last week I grabbed one at Sephora and used it the next morning.  Three people complimented my eyelashes within two days, and I am here to tell you if you don't own one, buy one.  They are inexpensive to instantly lift your eyes, and I am here for it. 

This twin set. I saw this on another blogger's feed and immediately ordered. I really love it, and I didn't think I would.  Typically, a "sweater" set isn't for me, but something about this one just works.  I shared the link, and so many of you ordered it, so it is a winner all around.  I love the color and have worn it with loafers to lunch, sneaks for errands, and slippers around the house.  Hands down, it is so good. 

This earring set. I bought them for stocking stuffers and then kept one pair for myself.  I put them in and have yet to take them out. I love that it's a simple earring that helps me feel pulled together when I see them. I am wearing the middle size, and my girl snagged the other two pairs.  I would easily buy them again and again for myself and as gifts!

Chappy Wrap. I snagged my first Chappy Wrap last year and instantly loved it.  It is soft, cozy, and perfect for use while sitting on the sofa or in the chairs in our bedroom.  If my daughter was a winter sports player, I would keep one in the car to keep her cozy outside.  They are unique; the ones I  gifted last year were also massive hits. I can not tell you enough great things about these blankets.  Add it to your must-try list immediately.  I use this one in our room every morning while drinking my coffee. 

This trash can.  I saw someone talking about this trash can online and loved it immediately.  I bought the larger one for our bathroom renovation, and we really like it.  I love that it opens and closes on its own; it has a lid that stays shut when not in use and is sleek.  I should get a second one for our guest bath; we love it that much. 

And lastly, this wallpaper.  I used five rolls of this to transform our guest bathroom, which is amazing how different it looks. The paper is peel-and-stick and is easy to apply since there isn't a pattern that needs to be matched. My parents have been our guests twice since I installed it, and both of them have complimented it, and their response was basically the same.  It looks so good and elevates the room in such a simple way.  I can not recommend it enough.  I ordered another roll this morning for a project in our bedroom, and I will be ordering more in blue for a project in the basement next week. It is available in ten colors and can be seen in one link.

I hope your day is incredible ... I am tackling a huge to do list and I need more coffee to do so! 😉

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