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Our New Seating Area

As we were renovating our bathroom, I would walk through our heck of a bedroom mess every night and try not to take in all the chaos.  It was awful as a mix of all kinds of things piled up, plus a ton of the contractor's items. Checking on the bathroom became a game of how quickly can I run through the mess and not see it and get the update on the construction.  One night I stopped, looked at our room, and took it all in.  I remember texting my friend Eric Ross and telling him I thought our room's orientation and setup were wrong.  My vision was to move the tv and my dresser from one wall to another, allowing us to set up a proper seating area and enjoy the space.  He agreed with my thoughts and affirmed that the room wasn't being used as it could be. The following day I started drawing it out and paper and planning the changes. 

Our large bedroom has three windows on one side of a long rectangle.  The door is at the bottom left of the rectangle, the door for the bathroom entry being halfway up the same side.  The only place for the bed was at the back of the room, leaving an entire square in the front for a seating area.  I had previously set the room with the chairs in front of our bed facing the dresser and the TV, but now I wanted to change that.  When I drew it, I always saw a settee between the first two windows, and the chairs moved up to create a seating area.  Across from the couch would be the tv and the dresser and, in its place, my large armoire. As I drew it on paper, I knew I loved it, but now to find a fabulous settee. 

Our walls are a high gloss brown, and the new wood floors would be dark walnut, leaving many browns.  The room has tons of green, pink, and blue, so I wanted to pick something light and bright.  I spotted the perfect option and a pink settee in Greenville, South Carolina, where my darling friend Anna Louise resides.  And in ideal luck, she would be traveling to see me in mere days, so she lovingly picked it up and brought it with her. This settee was perfect, and the size was ideal for the space.  

I was thrilled!

We brought in the pink settee when the floors were dry, and the furniture was cleared to be moved. I had to see what my vision would look like in reality, and to my pure joy, it was perfect.  I also scored a small coffee table while shopping at Scott's Antique Market that I will one day paint.  I hoped everything I planned out in my head would flow together in person, and it did. I knew we had made the right decision when the two pieces were in place.  

We have been back in our bedroom for just over a month, and I absolutely love the furniture move we made.  The switch of the dresser and the armoire and relocating the television was perfect.  By adding the settee and the coffee table, we can watch tv in a new seating space. I love starting the day on the couch with coffee and snoozing pups.  I love ending the day here as well before retiring to bed.  I love that I can have conversations in our room without having to sit on the bed and try and talk with pups and grown kids abound.  This seating area is just what we needed to have our space truly work for us.  I could not love it more. 

I will paint the table and make new curtains for our room as we continue to use the space.  We have a cornice I would like to incorporate, and that will mean new drapery, but that is super fun for me.  I am sure we have had these and loved them, and I will use them in another space. 

Now, just to find a room for the coffee maker we used in our bathroom ... wouldn't that be perfect off to one side?

If you ever find a pink settee, I suggest making a space for it.  We absolutely love ours! 💗

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