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Overnight Oats Breakfast

I have eaten the same breakfast for about two months and absolutely love it.  I struggle with getting excited about breakfast because I don't eat many eggs.  I get into a routine where I eat something I love for a while and then switch it up when I am ready. Overnight oats are my go-to because they are quick, easy, and provide many good things to break my fast. 

I found this make-at-home recipe, which I have yet to try, but I need to do so.  I found ready-made overnight oats at Trader Joe's and have been grabbing them regularly.  They have two varieties, and I like the almond butter chia option. With 12g of protein and 8 g of fiber, I think it is a perfect option for a balanced breakfast. I add a few ingredients to the top and enjoy every single bite. 

Spread the overnight oats in the bottom of a small bowl.  I add berries to the top, usually blueberries, but today I had blackberries.  I found a great granola to add and could nibble on this bag all day long if I let myself.  I was worried about grainless granola, but it is better than the original. The granola adds in even more protein and fiber ... and I use about 1/2 a serving.  I finish it off with organic coconut chips (long flakes) and a T of organic blue agave. 

If you don't have a Trader Joe's near you I would recommend the make-at-home version and add in what you love.  It is so easy to put together and absolutely delish. 

Happy Monday!

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