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Shuffle The Cards

Recently I moved a game table into our den and promptly added two chairs for the perfect spot to do a puzzle or play endless rounds of cards. I have been playing games my whole life and love nothing more than round or three cards or an excuse to pull out one of my favorite games. When the kids were little, I always took cards with us to restaurants as it was a great distraction between ordering and the meal arriving.  We played Go Fish, Old Maid, and their favorite, UNO. To this day, I can easily talk them into cards during dinner, and they will commit to sitting with us way longer than just showing up and devouring a meal. Doing their best to beat me and each other keeps us all on our toes and connected as they chat a lot while we are playing. 

The addition of the game table has sparked my desire to invite friends for a game night.  We had a couple over on New Year's Day and spent much of the afternoon and early evening playing Rummikub.  Our girls came and went, and hours later, popped home only to say, "you guys are still playing"?  It was the most fun. 

In preparation for hosting what I hope to be many game nights, I made a list of must-haves. First of all, you need a topper for your table.  I have my eyes on this green stripe from Fenwick Fields.  They had several of them, but most are currently sold out. I hope they release more. They had a really great selection. My table has cubbies for your glass on the leg, and I love that the topper doesn't cover too much of the table. Next are some nibbles, and I recommend serving a light meal with salty and sweet snacks.  I highly recommend a candy board from Ruby Bond, filled with the yummiest candy you have EVER tasted. This one is my favorite, but anything she creates is truly delish. Elizabeth tastes and chooses the best candy around, and I can tell you that you can't go wrong with anything she selects.  They also make unique thank-you gifts.

I recommend choosing an excellent tea and toast luncheon set for your light meal, as the vessel is designed for a tight space, and you can pair a small salad with 1/2 a sandwich and some tomato soup. Or you can serve quiche, fruit, and a fabulous punch! Plus, they are just the most adorable plates. Some of the older vintage ones will have a space for a cigarette, as I guess they needed to set it down to be able to play their turn at Bridge. The set above is a dream set for me; I have a Wedgwood cream set that is simple but stunning. 

Once your meal, drinks, and snacks are planned, you can fill in the details with fun glasses, table lights, fun cards, personalized game sets, and more.  I have pulled some super fun things for you; each has me dying to host a monthly game night.  I can promise you this, we will be using that game table for everything this year; it is perfect for breakfast for two, games, puzzles, and more. 

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