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Florals For Winter ...

 .... groundbreaking!

Does anyone else crave flowers and color during winter?  I can't lean into the greys and browns in winter for too long; I begin to get sad.  I am a girl who always craves color and flowers, regardless of the weather or the season.  My friend Ashley shared this darling floral sweater last week, and I knew it was exactly what my closet needed.  A little break from my pink sweaters and the floral details gave me just the pep I sought in my step.  It is darling, fits beautifully, and was on sale.  I give it five stars for sure.  

Florals during the winter?  Yes!  I say dress for the weather and feels you want, and do not worry if everyone else is sporting their best neutrals.  It just isn't for me!

I found some other darling options ... all the better than the last. 

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