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Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 22

Happy, happy Friday!  I think this is the first week of the year that I have been filled with inspiration and excitement for 2023.  It wasn't as though I was not looking forward to a clean slate and a new year; I was just a little stuck and needed a reboot.  I am heading out of town today for the weekend, which always gives me unique insight and inspiration.  Stay tuned; I am running someplace beautiful and, hopefully, full of great antique and vintage finds. 

I have a fun round-up for you today, I have purchased some really great things in the last two weeks, and I am ready to share!!

First up, these darling sneaks.  I have shared many times I do not like tennis shoes, but I love great sneakers.  My dislike comes from an unresolved gym issue from freshman year in high school and being completely unathletic, but I do not like them. But a great sneaker is entirely a different subject altogether.  I bought these pearl sneakers a few weeks ago and have worn them many times.  They are incredibly comfortable and also so chic.  

My mother bought me this darling pullover, the coziest thing I own.  Think Dudley Stephens, but way softer. The shorter V-neck version I have comes in both light grey and taupe. I just bought a second color; it's that good. It has matching pants, but most of the sizes are sold out.  You can get a light grey or cream set if you want a longer top.  I would front-tuck the tunic and love the other colors.  It is the coziest thing in my closet.  I give it five stars for sure. Here are the tunic + matching pants; each piece costs less than $30.

And I just discovered it comes in a cardigan.  Don't sleep on these items, and here is a darling jogger in pink.  So, so cozy!

While I was at Talbots, I bought this white tunic.  I am always searching for the best white shirt and this tunic and this boyfriend shirt, which I also grabbed, are GOOD. They fit great, are crisp, and are accurate classic white shirt options. 

This week I decided my car, known as Darcy, needed some serious organization.  It is always a catch-all when I shop at estate sales, but I like to keep it organized.  During our renovation, it became a dropping zone for things we picked up and needed to be returned.  It was dirty and just disheveled. First, I took everything out, washed and vacuumed her, and then returned what I needed. Our center console required some organization, and after seeing another blogger tackle hers, I was inspired.  I purchased three of these boxes and used them for first aid, extra cords, meds, and lotion.  I love how clean and simple it is.  I will share a blog post next week about how I organize my car.  It is easy to do and super easy to maintain. 

My favorite towel company, Weezie, has released some darling heart kitchen towels.  I bought their holiday ones at Christmas and loved gifting them.  I would snag them while you can and break up the set of two for your friends. They also have heart makeup towels for a limited time, so catch these while you can.  I use mine with the heart year-round, and they make excellent gifts. If you don't see the towels online, I would try calling the Atlanta store to have them shipped. 

And this robe!  Weezie treated me to this robe; you will find me in it every day after my shower.  It is soft and perfect for when you are still hot from your shower but must prepare for the day or bed.  I love the pink and red combination. 💗

I hope you have the best weekend.  If you follow me on Instagram, I will have lots of fun weekend content coming in hot!

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