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Classic Tupperware

While shopping for Valentine's Day happies for a friend, I found the most adorable Tupperware pieces at my local Target. What caught my eye was the pink and raspberry-colored pieces, but of course, the blue was a close second favorite.  I felt younger and my mother had just received new pieces from a party.  It was a full, I will take it all, moment as I picked up every pink and raspberry colored option they had and immediately divided it into three gifts, keeping one set for home.  Since we use glass containers for food storage and microwave warming these items will be for cold storage only, but to tell you I am excited is really an understatement. 

So, let's back up a bit.  I am a child of the 70s.  Tupperware was at an all time high when I was young.  Both my grandmother and my mother had so many pieces.  There are a few I remember more than others, those being the salt and pepper shakers, the Jello ring with its many bottom attachments, the cups and their lids, and the pickle container my mother still uses to this day. New releases would feature new colors and sometimes there was a color combination you just loved way more than others.  When I was in college, my roommate, who had been engaged, had a brand new set of everything, and we loved and used those pieces so much. I remember it like it was yesterday. 

But then Tupperware took a backseat to other brands. That is, until Mrs. Maisel, when it is again at the front of our thoughts for any and all who watch the show.  The show shares the Patio Party that was huge in the 1950s as Tupperware broke into the market. It is the 1960s, and Mrs. Maisel, who finds herself without a job, is diving into Tupperware parties. 

And the brand, once again, became famous. You can buy pieces from the Mrs. Maisel collection on eBay and other resale sites, as it is sold out on the website. The colors are so good, and I would have loved to have a party and enjoy every bit of that nostalgic moment. If you hosted one, please email me and tell me everything!

So, back to my purchase.  I did some digging, and the pieces I bought are available in singles and sets.  I don't love the colors of the larger pieces, but I do love the sizes. I only have the smaller two pieces, this one + this one, and I think it will be perfect for my chicken and tuna salad I love to make and keep during the week.  And the larger one?  It is ideal for salad fixings for lunches at home. 

I have linked the pieces I bought for you, and found some darling brand-new sets from the Mrs. Maisel Wondelier collection.  Snag them while you can ... 

Happy Thursday!

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