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Our New Powder Room

When we first noticed the leak in our den, I never thought we would have the pleasure of redecorating some of our rooms.  All I saw was water, ceiling damage, and a huge mess. I remember crying every time I saw the plumbers cutting another hole in another wall and realizing my pretty walls and ceilings were being destroyed.  I knew it was all just walls, but I had taken the time and decorated them the way we loved them, which was hard. Who knew I would be here in late October, sharing brand newly decorated spaces with you that we love even more!

When the mess began, my darling friend Eric Haydel offered his help.  He gave me great advice on navigating the chaos, renovations, and managing it all. His service was crucial as it gave me a lot of control over the uncontrollable.  When we discussed new wallpaper, he told me he had new designs that had just come out with Waterhouse Wallhangings. He sent me some images and then, a week or so later, sent me some samples for our primary bathroom. In the pieces he sent was a swatch of his pattern St. Augustine, which both my husband and I loved. He included two samples, one of brown and ivory on grasscloth and the second a regular paper with a pattern in blue.  We were given options four and five when you saw the samples online. 

My husband loved the blue, and I did, but I preferred the paper on the grasscloth.  I called Eric to discuss possibly mixing the two and printing the blue pattern on the grasscloth, and he wasn't sure it would work but said he would check it out. To my delight, he sent me another sample with precisely what I had hoped for, and we immediately decided it was perfect for our powder room. 

It was fun, the texture was exactly what I wanted, and it was memorable... all in all, it was perfect. The best part ... St. Augustine was the first stop after our wedding, and we spent our first evening after we were married in St. Augustine at a charming bed and breakfast. 

When my hanger put up the first piece, I knew I had made the right decision. It is fantastic, and I used the bathroom to wash my hands many times a day just to admire it. I think it marries so well with the rest of our décor, and I love that it is a pattern that someone special to us created. 

This is our first time using Waterhouse Wallhangings for paper in our home, but it will not be the last.  The company is incredible; they answered every single question I had, and they created a unique paper just for us. 

We could not love it more! 💙

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