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No Wallflowers Here!


We chatted about Never A Wallflower before when I introduced you to their darling Game Day dress.  This fun company carries darling shirts and dresses perfect for game day and every day.  I had thoroughly enjoyed their short and midi dresses and was thrilled to say yes when they asked me if I wanted to try out their new-to-me sweater collection.  Sweaters with embellishments?  How quickly can I say yes?

We are in that strange season in Georgia where one day it's warm, and the next day, I am dressed head to toe in warm clothes, snuggled up by the fire. It is also that time of year when I crave color the most, as the grey days honestly wear on my mental health.  I find myself wearing lots of pink, green, and navy every chance I get, even it is paired with a neutral.  That color beside my face gives me energy and keeps my mind focused on spring.  I told the girls I wanted to be able to pair any sweater they sent me with jeans and dresses to bring a feel of multiple uses to one piece.  I love a dress, and even though the weather isn't always ideal for one, I am happy to pair it with a sweater, long or short, to be able to wear it now.  This dress is the High Neck Midi and comes in various colors.  I love adding the sweater over it to winterize one of my favorite dresses.  This dress just wears so well and is perfect with sneaks or a low fun heel. 

First, let's talk about the Jewel Neck Sweater.  Navy is my color; I have so much of it in my closet and have zero intention of backing down anytime soon.  It gives me color and shows off the strawberry in my hair.  It is a color I always feel great in. This sweater is fantastic.  Picture the perfect cashmere crew neck sweater in your favorite color with your choice of embellishment.  Does it get any better than that?  I love that the bow on this sweater is small and fits perfectly in the spot it's in.  I am telling you, grab this sweater while you can.  You will be seeing me in it more than I can admit at the moment. If navy isn't for you it also comes in black, cobalt, apple green, ivory, and blush.  And if you don't love a bow as much as I do, they have some darling other options.  For me, the bow was a perfect choice. 

Now let's talk about this yummy cardigan.  I struggle with a cardigan; it has to be just right for me to wear.  I like them to be super cozy, thick, and hit just at the right spot. I also do not like the collar to move around and have to fix it repeatedly. I want it to stay where I put it.  Well, this one, the Seeing Stars Cardigan, is the perfect cashmere cardigan.  It has that grandfather cardigan vibe but is super feminine and incredibly cozy.  I put it on this morning for some videos and decided to wear it all day.  I love the big buttons, but I also love that I can leave it unbuttoned, and it still wears well.  I am telling you, this one is THE cardigan we all crave.  It comes in cream but also in black, camel, and navy.  And if you prefer, it comes in a cropped option. That green is so good.

The company known for amazing tops and dresses can now be referred to as the company with THE best sweaters.  I love that you can leave them as is or embellish them to your liking.  How fun is that?  You can check out the entire sweater collection on their website, each one is truly amazing.

Happy Friday!  I hope it's a cozy one!

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