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Needlepoint Month in Review

If you are a follower on Instagram, you know I provided a deep dive into Needlepoint for January.  It was content available to subscribers only, and I shared two lives, one for a stitch class and one about starting the hobby and finishing tips and tricks.  I aimed to inspire those wishing to begin the hobby and re-inspire those who may have taken some time off. Needlepoint is a beautiful activity for me, and it has been so much fun and provided so much relaxation over the few years I have been stitching. I enjoyed the deep dive into the hobby and learned so much about how to begin a canvas and even more about finishing.  I consider the task a success. 

I am not sure I have publicly shared my needlepoint story, and if I have, I apologize for the repeat.  I had wanted to learn to needlepoint for years, and I was sure it was hard, but I was willing to give it a go to create pieces for myself and gifts. I had the honor to interview Jessica before she opened Lycette Designs.  She was so kind and so fun sharing her love for needlepoint and how she was attempting to bring the hobby "back" to the younger crowd.  I loved her and loved everything about needlepoint when we finished our chat. 

She often offered to meet up with me while I was in Florida to teach me how.  She was terrific, and it just never worked for us to meet up during my trips. Still, I left it on my "want to do" list.  Fast forward to 2019 and a trip to Palm Beach for work. The shop was now open, and I was so excited to meet her in person and to visit the shop.  When the work part of my trip was over, I popped in, bought some pieces, and sat on the sofa as she taught me how to needlepoint. That evening and the next two days, I stitched every second I could.  I was instantly in love. A month later, my husband was scheduled for surgery to remove what was left of his cancerous tumor.  We were told he would be hospitalized for 7-10 days with a solid 3-week recovery at home.  I was ready to tackle the month and had my needlepoint for downtimes. I had no idea what that journey would be, and as you all know, it wasn't 7-10 days but 2 months with another 2-month healing period at home.  Over that 4 months, I stitched as if I was clinging to something I could control, and so many times, my new hobby saved me.  It gave me something I could do, could handle and was the only thing that provided relaxation during that terrible time.  I will forever be thankful that Jessica and I sat down in the store that day, and she offered me something I would need so much.  

When we started renovation in October, I set aside my needlepoint.  There was no time, and there was so much dust and chaos that it was impossible.  I pulled it out during New Year's weekend and finished a project I had started at our Stitch & Supper in October.  I have stitched every day since, in the morning and again in the evening.  I have finished five pieces this year and just began my sixth.  Needlepoint provides me so much relaxation and peace and gives me something I can start and finish quickly. 

If you want to start, I suggest you read this post.  And if you missed the interview I did with Jessica, you can read that one here.  If you have any questions or want to chat more, email me.  I am passionate about this hobby and all it has given me. I am happy to share more!!

And if you follow me on Instagram and want to subscribe to hear more, head on and do it.  The fee is $4.99, and it's a great way to dive in. 

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