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Spring At Duffield Lane

When I was in college, I worked part-time at The Gap.  The season between holiday and spring was known as transitional, and it was always blue and white and a bit of cream.  It felt like a perfect way to start a new year, with a clean color palette and returning to the basics.  I have noticed for a while that I crave a perfect simple palette when the year begins, especially in January.  Maybe it is a cleanse from all the colors and patterns of the holidays, or perhaps I just love the combination, but I definitely feel the pull to wear more navy and white at the beginning of the year. 

Duffield Lane, one of my favorite shops, has delivered a great Spring 1 line that fits right into the mood I am in.  Their new pieces, a mix of royal, coral, and white, have caught my eye.  I love a great basic, and I have found that the striped Lake Tee + the Ryan wrap are perfect for this in-between time in Georgia and as basics to add to my closet.  Since the Lake Tee arrived, I have worn it three times in three ways.  It is a great basic to add as a layer or to wear alone.  Saturday, while shopping at an estate sale, I wore it under a sweater as it was pretty chilly.  Later in the day, I was warm enough to remove the sweater but still have a polished and classic look for a late lunch with a friend.  I even took the wrap with me in case it was chilly in the restaurant but not cold enough for the heavier sweater.  If you find yourself at the Neiman's Café, I highly recommend the tuna melt and truffle fries.  #chefskiss

Sunday, I grabbed it again to run two errands and added my trench because it was, again, crazy weather.  Not cold but definitely not warm, so it was perfect for running my husband to the airport and then stopping at the market on the way home.  I love how easy it is to style alone or under many different pieces. 

If you prefer the Ryan wrap in a sweater version, I recommend Everyday V-neck.  This option is a fabulous v-neck cashmere sweater.  The color is genuinely... so good. 

And if you have added a new active hobby to your list this year, you must check out their new active line. I love the pullover and skirt option.  It is a traditional and comfortable way to close that activity ring daily.  Oh, and those joggers, I can see myself in those cozy pants on the regular. 

Check out their line; if you are a new customer, they offer 20% off your first purchase!

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