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Galentine Edit

During the month of love, I genuinely love to shower my girlfriends with notes and treats to let them know what they mean to me.  It is this group of women who are my daily lifeline. We all know a great bestie is part companion, part therapist. We go to them for advice, to talk through our ideas, and to provide us endless laughs and support.  I am convinced that God gave us girlfriends to manage our complicated life.  Without mine, I would be lost

That said, I rounded up some run and easy items to shower on your girls this month.  It doesn't have to be just on Valentine's Day; it can be anytime you want to let them know what they mean to your life.  Make sure you add a note and tell them how much you love them.  I know I would be in full-time therapy without a safe space to bounce ideas, crazy thoughts, and, most of all, my innermost worries to someone I trust the way I trust my friends.  

I am blessed, and they need to know that

I rounded up a bunch of pink and red goodies because it is way more fun.  I recommend them all, they are a variety of price points, and every one is a fabulous gift for your bestie. 

The best candle can be found here

The darling headband is found here.

The needlepoint canvas launches at Lycette next week.

Here is the precious Valentine's mug

Those pjs, you can find those here!! 

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