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My Favorite Jeans

Every single time I try on clothes or shoot an image I get the same questions, where do you buy your jeans.  Jeans are a hard thing, they are either a hit or miss and if you find a good one you better snag a backup.  Even harder, you will see a pair on a friend and love them, but they are a miss for you.  Right?  Isn't that the worst part?? I have found a few that really work for me and that I love, and I have backups in each pair ... for when these wear out.  I learned that lesson the hard way.  😉

The jeans I own and love are from different brands, only two of which are the same.  I have learned that just because I love the skinny curvy jeans from Loft, I don't love the flare.  I am most definitely not a one-retailer girl, I spread the love around.  I have four pairs that are tried and true for me that I can share, all of which are currently in stock.  I hope this helps, and that you love them as much as I have. 

Straight Jeans ... 

My straight jeans are from Loft.  I wear this pair and have really loved the way they fit, wash, and look for my body type.  I am carrying some extra weight, which gives me curves, so these fit them perfectly.  They work for every single outfit and I wear them quite often. In the photo above I am wearing these jeans.

Boot cut

I have demi bootcut jeans in both white and blue, and they are both from J.Crew.  I wear them a ton and love them with all sorts of shoes. The pairs I have are both current and in stock.  I like that the length hits right about my ankle, it gives me so many outfit options. 

Button Fly ...

I snagged a great pair of worn-in ankle-length jeans at Talbots and I love them.  They are comfy, perfect for a casual outfit, or paired with a blazer.  I lost the first pair, and I purchased them again. They are one of the best!

Flare Jeans ... 

I have been wanting a pair of flare jeans for a while.  I love the look of the higher waist and fuller legs and how fun it can be to wear with heels.  I found this pair and loved that they cut off at the ankle, allowing me to show off some fun heels.  They are my newest pair, and I really like them. They are in the photo below with the white sweater. I think they will be so fun to wear. 

Teen Jeans ... 

My daughter found these jeans and now has two pairs.  She needed simple jeans for a hostess job and settled on these immediately.  I have had great luck with Old Navy jeans in the past, so I sent her to see what she could find.  She has them in a washed-out blue version and wears them every weekend.  They are so stinking cute on her. 

That is my jean wrap up ... here are the links for each again for you. 

Happy Wednesday ... 

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