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Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 23

Happy Monday!  It is full-on faux spring here in Georgia, and we are absolutely enjoying it, knowing it will be cold again soon. My weekend was great.  Lots of sourcing for the shop, some needlepoint, and lots of porch time.  I am really enjoying March. I have some fun things to share with you today for today's Six Things post, all of which I hope you love. 

Weezie released a new product last week, the new spa headband. They treated me to one, and I can tell you owning it has inspired me to use a mask more often.  I enjoy using a mask before bed; I think it relaxes me more than anything. These would be fun tucked into an Easter basket and as graduation happies since they can be personalized!  I would combine that with a great mask and a Starbucks gift card. I will save that idea for some of the people I have on my list. 

Y'all.  These lights are so good. I loved them when I used them on a table, but I just put one in my powder room and another on the bar, and they are genius.  I got the idea for the bathroom from my friend Anna Louise, and it's brilliant.  She turns hers on when guests are over and lights the way for them to find the restroom.  I am smitten, and this price is the best I can find.  I love how this one has a scalloped shade; how fun is that? 

I was gifted this darling towel, which is perfect for our newly wallpapered powder room.  Yes, you can use it in the kitchen, a powder room, on a bar, or even to wrap around a champagne bucket.  It is stunning, and she has so many other patterns to choose from.  I have now washed it, and it is back in the bathroom, looking brand new.  I love these and think they would also be ideal as hostess gifts.  I need to grab a few for my gift drawer! I have the one I linked for you, but she also has this one and this one which I like just as much. That bowl of peaches is perfect for my Georgia friends, especially the wife of the peach farmer in Perry. 😉

As a classic prep, I am drawn to an oxford whenever I see one. Recently I discovered a great striped oxford at J.Crew Factory.  I snagged that pink stripe shirt so fast, and also the white + the blue.  They fit perfectly, wear as well as an oxford, and will be darling when I add a monogram.  I might need one more white + blue just to monogram in different colors.  This is my go-to in all seasons, and a classic oxford can not be beaten. They are currently on sale, so grab them while they are in stock. 

I lost a lot when my car was broken into two weeks ago.  I didn't realize my purse was in the vehicle, which contained my life.  My bag, wallet, prescription glasses (brand new), sunglasses (a birthday gift), more glasses, an accessory case with every lipstick I own, and checkbook. As sad as I am to lose the purse and its contents, the checkbook hit the hardest. 😡 So far, I have only replaced my accessory and sunglass cases and my sunglass case from my favorite brand, Barrington Gifts.  I am not ready to think about buying another purse; the sting of losing something I loved hasn't lifted. Barrington Gifts makes the best bags and accessory pieces, and I love that you can customize everything. 

Last week I cleaned off our porch and have been enjoying it every morning and every evening. Whenever I show a photo or video of the space, I get questions about how we keep it clean.  It is pollen season, which can be a real issue in Georgia. The answer is simple, I use this blower almost every day.  I can blow off most of the pollen and keep it under control until it gets terrible.  When that happens, I have to cover everything and do a deep clean in two weeks.  For the most part, my blower and wiping down the glass every day or two really helps!

Happy Monday ... 

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