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Preppy Toile Collection

A little over a week ago, a dream project I had been working on for a year came to fruition.  In February 2022, the darling Simple Jessica Marie and I began our discussions for a capsule collection of items.  We met for coffee one morning at The Southern C Summit and sat and talked about everything we both loved.  Jessica is absolutely darling, and we were able to mix my love for all things preppy and pink with her love of pattern and grandmillennial. We dreamed up a Preppy Toile, a take on vintage patterns with fun items mixed into a floral pattern.  I think the product, and the pattern, are better than either of us dreamed up. It is whimsical, grandmillennial, charming, and most of all ... it's so us

The collection, with its pink and scalloped edges, consists of several items.  You can shop from seven choices of stationery, each with the pattern on the back of the card, seven notepads, one darling latte mug, and nine art prints.  Each one is truly darling, more precious than the last.  The stationery and the notepads have a single icon from the Preppy Toile collection. As I mentioned above, the paper has a complete pattern on the back of the card.  The design is everything we dreamed of and more.  I love spotting things I love and use in my life.  If you hunt, you can find Staffordshire dogs, needlepoint, my glasses, pink oranges, champagne glasses, a garden basket of hydrangeas, and my favorite icon, the pink clutch

My vision for this collection comes from my sweet grandmother, whom I loved very much. She was an avid writer and spent her mornings writing letters to her friends and family while drinking coffee.  I can still see her sitting at her small kitchen table, sharing her life and adventures with the many people she wrote to.  My grandparents met while he was on leave from the war, and they wrote letters until he returned to propose to her.  It has always been my sweetest story, and I would have loved to have those letters today.  Letter writing is a lost art, but I hope we all adopt it to share our words, handwriting, thoughts, and days with others.  This collection is something I know she would have loved and used daily. It makes my heart so very happy.

You can shop the collection here.  The perfect order is a notepad or two, stationery or two, and a latte mug.  Those are limited editions and are selling fast.  My grandmother always had a second coffee at 5 pm, and I see her sipping her sweet coffee every time I use my mug.  They are a perfect size and shape and could not be more precious.  The art prints are a great addition to a gallery wall or a great way to add art to a wall.  I love a single, but I also love the idea of three or more placed together.  My office is getting a little fluff; I will add three of them on each side of my design board behind my desk.  I think it will be perfect. 

Jessica and I are so proud of this collection. It is a complete marriage of our styles and things we love.  It is absolutely everything I hoped it would be, and more.  Jessica worked for hours on the art for this project and her incredible talent shows through in each and every inch of the pattern.  Thank you sweet girl for partnering with me, and for creating something we are both incredibly proud to own and use. 


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