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Dorm Essentials

I am so sorry blog posts are sporadic right now, we have two weeks before graduation, and there is so much to do.  Starting May 1, it is something almost every day, or more than that, until she graduates on May 13.  So many events, parties, and gathering to do before then.  I am just trying to keep my head above water.  Yesterday I spent the morning getting my hair cut and colored, and even though it was three hours, I felt like I should be doing something work-related; I sat and enjoyed my time with David.  We chatted, realized we had met, and became friends almost thirty years ago.  So much life has happened for both of us, and neither of us could even believe "our" girl is about to graduate.  It is wildly surreal. 

Speaking of graduation, the college dorm list has begun.  She is now settled with roommates, days away from choosing her housing, and it is time to start thinking about what would happen after that.  The essentials list begins early since so many people also move into dorms in the fall. A few nights ago I watched some YouTube videos with her and one of them was a girl sharing what she took to college her first year and what she wished she had.  I made a long list for us to start tackling so it will not become overwhelming.  I am a planner, so this is super helpful to me.  

I am transferring that list to Amazon, linked here so that if you are in the same boat or know someone who is, you can use the list as well. It was long, but she was so good at sharing how she used each thing so it made sense.  I could watch those videos all day long.  There were also videos for each dorm at the University of Alabama, so she and her friends could decide what they wanted.  They are going for a suite, but if that isn't available, the foursome will split into two.  I just really like that they seem to have clicked, and the stress of the whole idea is beginning to fade. When she is stressed it makes me sad, and I do not need any more sadness.  I want to focus on her excitement and feel it as well. 

Here is that list; it seems like a lot, but remember, you are arriving at a blank room. Once she is assigned a room, we will decide what she wants it to look like. We will definitely be contacting Room 422 for our needs; I love them and am thrilled to be able to call on them for help. Since this is new to both of us the experts are definitely the way to go!

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