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My Closet

Last weekend while I was cleaning up our room and bathroom and putting away laundry, I hit a wall.  I have needed to purge my closet forever and just keep putting it off.  There were shirts in there I have not worn in six years, but I loved them and wanted to keep them.  After trying to add another dress to my bevy of stunning dresses and having to push clothes aside I hit that wall.  I needed to make a change and really clean out the space.  As I was doing so I realized my organization wasn't working for me anymore and I needed to fix it. After pulling out some clothes and really diving into the purge I realized I needed to spend a few weeks and really give the closet the love she deserves!

So one step led to another and by the time I went to bed that night I was thinking I really could make it amazing if I really tried.  You know, add some paint, some fun carpet, maybe a statement piece and really lean into a space I use every single day.  As fate would have it Amanda Lindroth is currently hosting a warehouse sale near me and I had spotted a piece I loved but had no space for when I saw it.  Or did I?  I secured the measurements for this rattan etagere to find out it would not only fit but be perfect for the space.  And to my delight?  It was just marked another $200 off the hugely discounted price.  I think it was meant to be, I mean isn't it stunning??

So, I popped over to the shop, bought the piece, and came home to make a plan.  With a little pink paint, some leopard, and a complete purge, and this space will be amazing in just a few weeks.  Just in time for my husband to come home from a business trip and not notice I used his closet while he was gone.  I mean, a girl's gotta do what she needs to do. Right?

Here is the plan, stay tuned for the results.  I love a great project and this is one I really am excited about.  Maybe it is keeping me focused on something fun instead of counting down the days until my daughter's days in high school are over.  It is less than three weeks, but we won't think about that.  Instead, I will make a space I love really, really pretty. 


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