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Bar Inspiration

Summer is here for us and I am making a list of things I want to do around the house while I have a more relaxed schedule.  We do have some plans for June, but most of it is pretty open, hence the project list. I am not taking on anything crazy yet, but I also have some things I want to do. One will be a Dutch door for our laundry room, some color for our bar cabinets, and some "gardening" in our front yard. First up, our bar needs some color to give it some interest.  I am thinking of something fun and something very green. 💚

Check out this blog post to see the before and the wallpaper when it was installed. The photo above is obviously old, as our den is in its original form before it was painted white.  We installed this Meg Braff wallpaper in 2015 and have loved it ever since.  Since the living room is white, the bar gets lost in all the white.  I have wanted to paint it for a while, along with installing a marble counter and removing the sink.  I am unsure how that will all fit budget-wise, but we shall see. I can always paint the tile and wait until we do the countertops for the kitchen, so I am leaving that as an option.  

I have some inspiration for the space, keeping the wallpaper as is.  I have wanted to close in the back side, but I am also unsure how that would feel and what the budget would look like.  I definitely could use the storage for bar glasses and serving pieces so closing it in would be amazing.  I also would love to trade out the sink area for a solid counter with a beverage refrigerator below.  Can you tell I have grand plans?  I am just now sure how far my budget will take me.  Also, I am trying to keep this as a small project, and I am not sure it sounds that way. 

As you can see, I am leaning very green.  I love the idea of this bright green with the pink wallpaper.  Lots of brass, as in hardware, etc., to add to the glam.  I already have a great mirror on the wall behind the bar that will stay, along with the bevy of rose medallion plates. I am tackling the white cabinets in the space and maybe the trim; we shall see. 

I definitely need to make some calls, talk to my contractor, and see what is feasible.  If nothing else, the cabinets will be green before summer's end. 

Happy Wednesday ... 


  1. Love, love, love your colorful home AND pink and green are my favorite colors. Have you thought about the current trend of brass and glass shelving (in sort of a European style) instead of closing in the back wall so that you would still have an open feeling in a small space like a bar area as well as storage on the glass shelves.

  2. The pink & bright green combo sounds fresh & lovely!! But consider leaving the sink & open side.... those both caught my eye the first time I saw the photo- Such unique elements already in place! AND so, so handy with a bar space!! Have fun designing!



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