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Go To Grad Gift For Girls

I have always enjoyed reading graduation gift ideas and should have made better notes of great ideas as I am in the thick of it. So far, my daughter has attended six parties and has thirteen left.  Most of the parties are for girls, but we have a number of them for boys.  Next week I will detail what I gave to each person for others in my boat in the future, but I do not want to give anything away before it happens. She attends a very small school, so we know these children well; some of them even feel like family. With that being said, there are tiers of gifts depending on how close they are, and how much we want to spend on each. Yes, cash is always king, but I also wanted to make the gifts personal. 💗

I have perfected the best gift for the girls we know but aren't her best friends.  It is a $30 happy, and I am really proud of the presentation and what it will give them. I have selected presents with purpose and thoughts behind each, so they can understand its meaning. For example, I created an "end of the day" gift for this group of girls that they can use each evening to wind down and head to bed. College is fun but it is also a lot of work and new stress, and if they have a routine I think it will make it better. I know a routine is perfect for me and brings peace during times of ups and downs, which the first few months will be. 

Take one Weezie Makeup Towel and pair it with a hair clip, lip balm, and a facial spray giving them the recipe for some TLC. The towels come in a two-pack, so just split that into two gifts and add the other items.  I found hair clips, facial spray, and lip balm at T.J. Maxx and I took those packs and split them up.  The clips were in a collection of four, the facial spray also in a collection of four, and the lip balm in three. The hair clips I chose are matte and available in a black, tan, evergreen, and blush combo which is perfect for all.  The lip balm and facial spray are from Mario Badescu and came in various packs.  It was fun to create an assembly line and then slide all the pieces into a cello bag with some gingham ribbon and a personal note from her.  Easy peasy, and it looks amazing. 

I sourced all of my items from T.J. Maxx, with the exception of the towels, but have found most of the identical pieces on Amazon for you.  The prices are just a bit more, but the ease of not hunting may be attractive. If you are new to Weezie you can get 15% off an order of $100 or more, making the towels a set of 2 for $34.  I buy my cello bags from a wholesaler, but found them for you, also on Amazon. And lastly, I grabbed my gingham ribbon from Hobby Lobby, and you can buy that here. And for some extra interest, add some white shred to the bottom of the bag, every little detail makes it even better. 

I will share all of the gifts for the girls next week ... I don't want to spoil any gifts for the girls that might read this, they are all so unique and I want them to be celebrated to the fullest.  And the boy's gifts also, I love how it all turned out!!

Happy Tuesday ... 

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