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Coffee Bar

Last week our Keurig stopped working.  Why do they never give you any notice?  I am a girl who wakes up thinking about that first cup of coffee, so a coffee maker that breaks is just so wrong.  Plus, it was right before all the graduation festivities were starting, and the last thing I could manage was a broken coffee maker.  I cried; yep, all the emotions had been building, and it all came out when the coffee maker died.  My poor husband was utterly freaked out and immediately started researching a backup plan.  We have a French press, so all was well, but our Keurig let me down

Nathan has been traveling back and forth to California and has fallen in love with the coffee maker in the client's office.  He insisted we needed an espresso + coffee option, so I let him choose what he wanted.  My request, if you select one with a pot instead of a pod, make sure it has an automatic timer and makes delicious coffee. Beyond that ... I didn't care as long as I could continue to use the coffee we both love, Maud's Tall, Dark & Handsome.  It is really, really good coffee.  Currently, we buy the pods on Amazon on subscription, and it's available in ground coffee, and I am okay with either. 

He chose the Ninja CFN601 Espresso & Coffee Barista System.  I watched Just Dad talk about this machine on YouTube, and we both really liked it, so ... it is our new coffee maker.  When it arrived and he got it all assembled we realized really fast that it was too tall to fit under the cabinets on the counter.  #oops. So, the only other option for this new machine was a proper coffee station on the chest in the breakfast room. I love getting coffee and not having to battle anyone else who might be making breakfast or unloading the dishwasher simultaneously, so this is a win for me.  We set up our hot chocolate here in the winter so it will work just fine. 

So, you know what that means ... moving things around and making it all work is always an organization project. Since it would be the coffee maker and other items that would be moving, I ordered a tray for the chest.  I think a tray instantly organizes a space, and this one needs to feel organized for sure. I ordered this tray with tan handles since the chest and most of the décor in the room are blue.  It felt like a good choice. From there it was just a matter of making sure everything had a spot and a container so it would not feel messy.  I am a big proponent of containers for items so every single thing has a place and a way to tidy.  

The tray arrives this week and when I get it all together I will share a final photo.  I am excited to try out our new machine and I am waiting until the tray arrives.  For now, it is waiting for its debut. 

Happy Thursday ... 

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