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The New Speedy ...

A few of you spotted my new purse on Instagram while I was shopping at the Fresh Market over the weekend.  If you recall, my car was broken into in February while I was stopping to grab a slice of pizza from a local spot.  I was in the restaurant for about 25 minutes and found my back passenger side window wholly gone.  It was unreal to me, and I remember having to put my hand in the space to realize there was no longer a window.  It was such a fast and clean break, it left very little glass in the window.  The car was another story altogether. When I first inspected the car I thought all was intact, but after my husband informed me that my purse was not in fact at home as I thought, I realized it and its contents were stolen. 

(the stolen bag above)

Let me back up just a little. I bought a large Louis Vuitton Neverfull when I turned 40 as a treat and have used and loved it ever since.  About 8 years ago I found a great deal on a Speedy at an online resale retailer and bought a second bag.  I then sold that bag and purchased a larger one at an estate sale about 3 years ago. I love Louis Vuitton. I love the way they wear, the way they patina, and how classic and traditional the classic Monogram pattern can be. It goes with everything I wear, so I use it daily.  I use both the Speedy and the Neverfull when we travel, as it's perfect for my computer, tech supplies, and other items. The day it was stolen, I was heartbroken.  Yes, it was just a purse, but one I had saved for, splurged on and was special to me. Inside were so many things and I just had to completely let it all go as our car insurance only covered the window of the car and the damage and not the contents inside.  (Lesson learned, add all your luxury goods to your jewelry rider on your Home Owners Policy.)

I was sure I had left the bag at home as I had been visiting estate sales all day and always carry this piece when I do.  But, I had forgotten I had a breakfast meeting and my purse was under all of the estate sale totes on the floor behind my seat. It was the only thing they stole, leaving other valuable pieces behind. After losing the bag and having no restitution I had basically decided I wouldn't purchase another.  It was special to me, and I didn't want to lose it again.  But, two weeks ago I was hunting and found a great one at a fantastic price and it just felt right. I purchased the bag and then told my husband, who sweetly responded, "good for you". I was ready and thrilled to carry the LV Speedy again. 

The Speedy I owned (the stolen bag) was one from the early 2000's and had a full patina.  This new bag is a 2013, almost brand new condition, and still has a lot of the original color in the leather. It will be fun wearing it in myself.  You can purchase a new one, wow, have they gone up in price, or you can shop re-sale which I think is more fun and where the deals can be found. To give you some context, my first bag was $400, the second was $550, and this one was $750, whereas my brand new Neverfull was $1000 in 2010. When shopping secondhand, I would choose a few very reputable sites.  I purchased this most recent bag from The RealReal, which was completely vetted. The first Speedy I bought was from eBay and the second was from an estate sale. There are markings you can search for, and most re-sale sites will vet them for you to make sure they are selling an authentic bag. I would stick with eBay, The RealReal, local resale shops, Chairish, Rebag, Fashionphile, and one of my favorite shops, Agora Vintage.  Chairish and Rebag lean on the high end, but if you hunt you can find a deal. The true key is patience. 

Lastly, Speedys come in a variety of sizes. They start at 25, then 30, 35, and 40.  The 40 is basically an overnight bag and is way too big to carry as a purse.  You will definitely want to use that for travel.  There is a local shop near me that has one and it's stunning, but again, significant. I carry the 35, and it is plenty.  I also owned the 30 and love that I sized up. I have noticed they also have a B20, but its a cross-body, and I think on the small side. 

So, yes, I did buy another purse.  I am really thankful I waited and really excited to have one again.  She is in full rotation, and I feel like me once again. Yes, it is a purse, but it is something I enjoy owning, and it does feel like me. 


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