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Candle Subscription


My favorite candle company is now offering a Candle Subscription, and I could not love it more. Southern Bungalow Co. is the creator of my fabulous candle, Behind The Boxwoods, and the owner, Susan, is just a lovely woman.  Her candles are made of coconut wax and essential oils and are just divine.  When she told me that she was offering a candle subscription, I immediately thought of my holiday gift list. With this program, you get a new candle each month, for a year, or anywhere in between, as it suits your needs.  The candles are seasonal, so they will match the month they arrive in, and your home will always smell incredible. 

You can find the information here.  If you want to choose a month, you simply sign up by the 15th of one month to receive your candle at the first of the next month.  So, if you want to receive a candle for December, you simply sign up by November 15th.  And if you choose to skip a month, just refrain from signing up.  If you wish to gift a year of candles you can choose that option as well.  

The candle that arrives is seasonal and a surprise, so I think that is the best part.  If you love a great candle, as I do, this service is perfect for you and for gifts.  I am already thinking of a few people I can mark off my list with the December shipment!

In addition, she has a Premium option if you wish it to come in a pretty vessel and an ultimate Big Flame option if you would like both the regular vessel and the premium one. 

Honestly, I think it is brilliant, and I signed up for December.  Happy candle of the month to each of you ... 

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