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Five Things I Love From Gap

Gap and Banana Republic had a glow-up, and I was unaware. I have always loved BR for its classics and their style, and I used to work for Gap in college, but I was feeling a little distant from both of these brands for a while. Beyond a random piece here or there, Banana had been on my "it's okay" list for quite a while, until recently when they did a complete rebrand.  I have a post for you later this week on this exact thing. And Gap was totally hit or miss until I wandered in a few weeks ago and found myself very interested in a number of things. I was very surprised, and delighted, to think I could visit more with more success.  For the longest time, J. Crew has been one of my first locations to check, but I will be adding Gap to the top five in the future. 

First up, this darling sweater.  I love that it feels like cashmere with the price of cotton.  Yes, please. I love the red and the black for the holiday, and this darling ballet pink is a great staple. Fits perfectly, and wears even better.  I give it five stars.  And the price is perfect, at $59 is good, but with their current promotion of 40% off, it comes down to $36.  Yes, I got three colors. 

Number two, these darling ballet flats. I have been hunting for metallic shoes for the season and both the gold and the silver of this shoe are perfect.  I spotted them in the store and would have snagged them quickly, but they did not have the size I needed.  So, online it is, and the silver for me, if you please. 

Then moving on to item number three.  I am so very intrigued by these metallic jeans.  I think these could be so great for holidays, and I really love the grey-on-silver moment happening above.  Since I just purchased the black sweater above, I am thinking that would be so fun, too with a strappy heel.  I am into this vibe, I just need to try these on in-store to pull the trigger. You can consider me very intrigued. These are also 40% off so for $65 I feel ok purchasing them and trying them on at home to decide.  This Family sale is legit. 

Item number four is a split-hem Fair Isle sweater. This sweater is so pretty but what I love most about it is the split hem. It would be great with skinny jeans (yep, still love them) and boots, or a legging and sneaks. I think the colors are stunning and that split hem is the icing on the cake for me. Again, on sale and $54.  Grab it while the 40% is still hot. 

And the last item is maybe the best one.  I found Blackwatch plaid flannel pajamas for under $40.  Yep, let that sink in for a few. With the sale, they are $39. Do not sleep on these, they won't last at all. 

Friends and Family discount is live now and I am not sure how long it lasts, snag these while you can. 

Happy Monday!

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