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Match South Atlanta Collection

Happy Monday, it is brisk and chilly, and I am loving it.  I am off to the Waffle House this morning for a fun event featuring Match South's brand-new collection of prints and candles featuring icons from around Atlanta.  The Atlanta Collection launches today and I am dying to sniff all four new candles and enjoy the preview while enjoying breakfast at such an iconic Atlanta spot. 

Match South, founded by Megan Lore, creates "high-quality photographs of matchbooks from every corner of the country".  These amazing works of art are so fun to collect and gift since they spark memories of places visited and treasured. My first introduction to Match South was while I was sourcing art for our living room and wanted something fun and special to us.  I found the selection at Match South filled with places we have visited as a couple and as a family, and plenty of wonderful choices for everything from restaurants to colleges, to resorts.  The first one I purchased was for a friend to celebrate a birthday trip and since then have collected three more.  Megan shared two with us yesterday, this one + this one, and second I will frame and gift to our son for his first apartment. I love how special the pieces are and how much they spark memories of visits and celebrations. 

The Atlanta Collection consists of two art prints and four custom candles.  With the history and Atlanta icons in mind, each candle represents a special place in our city.  Peachtree Street smells of white peaches and golden sun.  You can't spend one hour in the city and not hit all the variations of Peachtree Street.  Waffle House, another perfect choice, smells of waffles and syrup, but not in the way you would expect.  This subtle and warm candle makes your home smell cozy and comforting.  The Enjoy Atlanta candle is a mix of cola spice and vanilla bean, but again, not in a cheap and strange way.  It smells of autumn and freshly fallen leaves with all the warmth of Atlanta in the fall on a picnic.  Lastly, Atlanta Home Team is made with scents of Tomahawk timber and amber and feels warm and masculine.  Each of them is magical in their own way and it was hard to make my choices. 

If you are looking for something to remember a trip to Atlanta or a gift, this is perfect for you.  While you are visiting the website, check out their other match prints, you will find something amazing I promise you. 

So, cheers from Waffle House on this brisk Monday morning ... a waffle, coffee, and fellowship was a perfect way to start the week! 🧇

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