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My Heavy Heart

My heart is so heavy

What is happening in Israel is awful. Awful isn't even the right word; it is abhorrent. I haven't been ok since the first news hit. I have prayed for Israel and the Jewish nation as it is all I can do. I have prayed for my Jewish friends not beginning to understand the heartbreak and fear they must have. Yesterday, I think I spent the day in a fog, and no less than four times, my husband asked if I was okay. No, I am not. How can anyone be? Hate is a word I really don't understand. I asked a few of my friends recently why Jews are hated and why they are persecuted, and all they could say was that someone always is. How awful is that? To say nothing seems disgusting. To be able to do nothing is worse. As I sit in my quiet house this morning, I can only pray. I pray this ends quickly. I pray the hate and oppression are lifted and never come back. I pray that we learn to love deeper. I pray that everyone knows God is near and He is weeping. I pray most of all that you know you are welcome with us. You are loved just because you exist. Those that cause this type of destruction need to be dealt with so that others can be free. I am sure I am messing up my words, but it is just me typing from my heart. Know that I am broken, heavy-hearted, and completely at a loss. Know that you are loved and prayed for and wanted. Know that you are seen and hugged from afar. Know that you matter and always will. I pray for a quick and swift resolution. I pray for peace and healing. I pray that you feel His peace and love surrounding you. I pray for you.

If you want to donate, I have learned that Magon David Adom is the Jewish equivalent of the American Red Cross. MDA is Israel's national emergency medical, disaster, ambulance, and blood bank service. 


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