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My Closet, Six Months Later

I was looking at my phone this morning and realized it has been six months since I renovated my closet.  Six months of it looking like the dream closet I have wanted for so long. It took less time than I expected it to take. It was harder than I thought it would be, but I have zero regrets.  In fact, it is like any other project I scratch off the list; I so wish I had done it sooner. I have some thoughts about the process, the finished project, and how I feel about it today, and I give you all of those.  

 My closet, six months later

I have told you all along it is a small closet.  It is only six feet by seven feet with a door that swings in. It is a lot of space, but compared to a lot of closets she is small. The issue I had with the space was that I didn't feel it was being utilized to its potential, and I was ready to tackle that.  Every single week I would have to tidy it and put things away and there was just way too much for the space. Not to mention, there were two shelves, and I only used one properly, so a lot of wasted space. Wasted space in a closet is just like wasted space in a pantry, a perfectly terrible idea. 

When I started I drew out something that would either need to be built in or purchased and made fit, and it was honestly a terrible idea. What I had in the closet was fine, just being used incorrectly.  I removed a whole shelf, raised the hanging bar for the long pieces, and replaced the shelving unit at the end with the etagere. I am so glad this is all I did.  Every other idea I had for the space was the wrong one and I would have ended up unhappy in the end.  Not to mention overspending. 

Purging the closet is always the first step in any closet project.  Take it all out, weed out what you don't need, and find a solution for what is left. I donated some of the items I purged and the rest I sold through consignment and ended up almost covering the cost of the project. Every time I get another check in the mail, I realize why buying and selling consignment is always the right thing; it is a pain on the front end but so very worth it. The items I donated our living their best life in a new home with new people whom I hope feel joy. There were so many pieces I was holding on to that just needed to go, and this project was the perfect push. 

Not once since I finished the closet have I had to straighten it. Every single item has a place, and I know exactly where it goes.  It is so easy for me to remove a dress and immediately rehang it or put away clean laundry. Speaking of laundry, using smaller laundry baskets is another smart move; you don't get to let it pile up.  I wash two loads each Sunday and haven't been behind once. The feeling is incredible. 

The last big thing I have noticed is my spending.  I have found I will not buy an item knowing I don't have storage. I will realize I don't know where it will live, so I don't pull the trigger. There is no better way not to overspend than organization.  You know what you have, what you really need, and what can not fit. 

So, all in all, I love the space.  It is perfectly organized, I have a space for everything, I am not overspending, it is always tidy, and my laundry is getting done on a regular basis. 

I would call that worth it and more. 💗

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