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Happy Birthday Weezie Towels

Oh, happy day!!  It is a great day for shopping as the Weezie Towels Birthday Sale has just begun.  For two days you can get 25% off anything on the site including items that are currently on sale.  I shopped yesterday with early access and purchased two bath towels with monograms and two more makeup towels. We are an exclusively Weezie towel household and I can not say enough good things about Weezie and their products.  I love how soft they are, how well they wash, and how beautiful they are.  If you are new to Weezie this is the time to try them out, and if you are a Weezie lover, like us, it is time to stock up. 

The best bang for your dollar can be found in the bundles.  They are currently on sale which means you will get an extra 25% off the already sale price.  For example ... The Starter Pack. This bundle includes four bath towels and 2 hand towels and is currently on sale for $198.  I recommend checking out the bundles, adding on a bath mat, and adding in makeup towels and you are set. 

If you are looking to treat yourself, I would recommend a short robe, a hair towel, and slippers. All of which are just as amazing as you would think they would be. 

And lastly, do not forget to check out the toiletry bags. I own the smaller one and use it to house all my travel items ready for travel.  It is large and holds so much, and I might even snag a second, a larger one. 

This sale is epic; only lasts two days, so do not miss out!!

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