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Christmas at the Bachelor Pad

I mentioned that our oldest son just moved into an apartment by himself after living with friends in a house since 2019.  He is really excited to have a space of his own and I have loved helping him get moved in and the apartment styled for him.  We had been saving furniture for this move, so I am thrilled to see some of our family pieces getting a new life with a new generation.  It has been so very sweet. 

Since we will all be decorating for Christmas in the next few weeks, we ordered a tree for his new home and can not wait to help him get all spruced up for the holidays.  I was so excited when he showed an interest in decorating, I hope his place feels festive and cozy for the holidays for him. There is nothing better than twinkle lights for five weeks, I love waking up to them in our home.  I will snag a timer for his tree so it is on when he wakes up and turns off on its own without having to remember to shut it off. Since his tree will not have gifts under it I decided to help him pot it so it wouldn't look lonely with a tree skirt and nothing under it. We are going for festive, cozy, and happy, and the idea of the skirt with nothing on it sounded sad to me. I grabbed a pot and my dad and I will help him secure it with the help of some great Styrofoam or oasis (not wet) and Ziploc bags of sand. I can add moss to the top so it won't show, or maybe that is a great use for the tree skirt, inside the top of the pot.

So, here are the plans for decorating the Bachelor Pad for Christmas ... 

I added all the items we bought below, which I think would be perfect for anyone with an apartment or first home.  The tree I bought is sold out, but I added in the larger size, the one I snagged was just 4.5 feet and most would prefer a larger one.  I added a fun blue and white container if you would want to "plant" your tree in that base and a really cute girly doormat if you need something a bit cuter.  I can't wait to see it all up and twinkling in his space. 

Happy Monday!

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