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Things Of Note ...

Happy Monday!  Are you feeling "hung over" from daylight savings, or do you feel energized? Yesterday I was definitely feeling groggy, but today I am feeling much better and I love the light in the morning.  By the time dinner rolls around I will be in pajamas and ready for bed.  It is just that time of year. It is much better when you do not have littles that are confused, pups are much easier to push for meals and bedtimes. Oh, those years of confused children were never fun!! 

I am completely smitten with this plaid look, from jacket and pant pairing to those cute shoes.  For a full look, I would add in this shirt and you are ready for a festive event ... looking so sharp! 

I also really love this green leather dress, I need to pop over and try it on.  I think it is stunning. It also comes in black as well, but that green is really speaking to me. 

I had so many packages arrive while I was in Palm Beach!  To confirm, this sweater is just as good as I hoped and these flats are amazing.  I ordered the gold when I tried on the silver and saw how fabulous they look!!

I have shared that my Bauble Stockings are in stock at Dillard's and I just found out they are at Tuckernuck as well.  This is so exciting for me, to design something that so many love and want to stock. What a pinch-me moment, for sure.  If you don't know, Bauble Stockings are a fabulous tradition you can start or share each year where the last, and most special gift, of the season is stored.  You can hide them, hang them on the tree, or do anything that works for your family.  And, the stockings are stitched for fair trade by Haitian women, putting people who would normally not have a job to work so they can support their families.  It is an all-around great gift!

And speaking of pups, can you even handle these napkin rings?  Beth Ladd and I were chatting a while back, and I asked if she would ever consider making pup napkin rings, and she said yes. A set arrived for me while I was out of town and using them has been an honor.  Are they not so stinking cute?  Grab them quick, they won't last. 

And lastly, speaking of Beth Ladd Collections her new collaboration with Kelly Golightly is amazing.  I am so smitten with these swan earrings, won't they be incredible for this holiday season??  I vote for this dress + these earrings + these shoes!  I need a fun holiday outfit for a trip in December and this might be perfect! I could add a blazer or lady jacket to the outfit and it would be just darling. 

I hope your Monday is a fabulous one!!

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