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Travel Planning ...

Well, hellooooo!  It has been three months since I sat at the computer and wrote a blog post. I will post more about that this week, but I am jumping in with exactly what I am currently working on today.  We have so much to catch up on, but I am planning three trips and gathering necessary items.  This is my last whole week at home for almost a month.  I am in a wee bit of a shock but also really excited. I have a feast-or-famine style of travel this year.  I have been home for a long while or gone a lot.  But with travel always comes inspiration and new adventures; I am ready to go after three months. 

First, I have a PR trip to Amelia Island, a place I have visited for years with family and loved ones.  I am taking a friend who has never been, so it should be so much fun.  I am home for one day and then off to Austin, Texas, for five days.  And then I come home, rest for a few days, and then head to pack up my girl to go home for the summer.  I am shocked that she is almost finished with her first college year.  Then, I am home for two days and off to Palm Beach, my favorite place in the world!!  So, like I said, I will be on the road for quite a bit. 

I have been gathering some things I will need to wear and take with me.  Since it is spring, I am gathering some shorts, new dresses, and all the raffia I can find to pack. Oh, and for Austin, I am thinking of jeans and sneakers with cute tops and dresses for dinner.  I don't have any good cowboy boots, so I will be packing my Sissy Light hat and making it work.  I am still hunting for a great boot that won't cost me a full mortgage payment since I live in Georgia. 

Here is what is on my radar.  Some I have purchased and will share, but all I think are perfect for spring, beach trips, and for each and every day.  

Happy Tuesday, my loves, I am back!!

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