Why are men so dense?

Ok ... so the dinner last night was super yummy and the quality time (American Idol) was great, but why is my man (and probably most) so dense? Why does he wait until I rant and rage to take care of things? I know I am different than he is and I understand the whole Mars/Venus thing, but what the hell? And as for the wine and candles? Not so much!!! His response ... I knew we had wine at home and isn't there a candle lit in the kitchen? For real ... seriously? I know him so well. When his head hit the pillow last night he scratched this minor drama off his list and moved on. I can just hear the voice in his head ... "Crisis averted! I brought home food from her favorite restaurant, watched American Idol and only tried to log on to the computer twice. That problem has been handled!" But ... why does he wait until I am on fire to take care of things? Does this happen to anyone else or just me ....

So ... I am working on spring products and I am a lacking in spring ideas! I have found (Thanks, Paper Girl) some cute waffle slippers and matching spa wraps to monogram. I always have the fabulous Tervis Tumblers and my monogrammed basics. Oh, and I did find some adorable coolers ... but help .... please!!! I need some fresh products! Have you seen any cute, preppy gifts for spring and graduation?

Have a great one ... I will be plugging away in the work room today! MPM

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