She's looking better ... but beware!

Ok ... so I have reduced the amount of anxiety attacks and I am feeling better. Although I did have another this morning ... but after some friendly conversation (thanks Sporty Spice) and
and a reality check I am feeling more relaxed. I do not like these attacks at all!!! So, I have crossed off all the "don't have to" off my list, added some "relaxers" to it and feel ready for the day.
I have all but confirmed Little Mister has a gluten allergy ... just need a blood test to confirm. He does so much better on days when he has little or no gluten products. It is almost scary the difference. After the blood results - bye bye gluten. Hello stress for Mommy! I will think about that tomorrow!
Today Little Lawyer has an interview at the private school for 6th grade. He is hormonal and grumpy today so I am praying he rallies before 1:00 when I pick him up from school. He will do great ... he is great with others - just grumpy and sassy to me. Lovely!
Have a great day ... see you here later ... MPM

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