Thank God ... I thought I brought home a bug!

Re-entryitis – noun.

An acute and typically severe state immediately following a fabulous vacation. It can be identified by disagreeable physical effects and the lack of energy to complete ones regular tasks. It is usually brought on being faced with ones “normal” and usually somewhat dull everyday life. People experience re-entryitis can be characterized by experiencing one or more of the following symptoms:

a. Complete and total freak out upon the sound of the morning alarm.
b. Total exhaustion and the urge for a morning, mid morning, early afternoon and/or a late afternoon nap.
c. The need for extra strong coffee more than just in the morning.
d. Convulsions after noticing the more than 100 unread emails.
e. A need for Advil upon carrying around the tons of unread mail.
f. The urge for the 5:00 somewhere cocktail(s).
g. The shakes upon missing out on the 3 full meals and ton of in between snacks.
h. Blurred vision upon reading to do lists for the week to come.
i. General irritability and moodiness.

Re-entryitis will resolve itself within 7-10 days on its own. It requires patience, lots of caffeine and time to heal. You may want to wear your scariest "Beware of Bitch" t shirt to warn others of your wretched illness and need for space.


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