Um ...excuse me?

So I am on the phone yesterday with Hair Girl and we are catching up on life. She has been really busy and we have been playing phone tag for weeks!

I was telling her how I was not loving my hair ... it seemed to be in need of a haircut all the time. It really has been baffling me lately. How can I get it cut every four weeks and still be in need of a haircut as much as I am? It feels long and shaggy and seems to be growing like it did when I was pregnant. Which ... btw ... I can never be again ... so relax!!

She listens to me and then quietly says ... "well, the truth is I have been secretly growing it out for the last couple of months." Ok ... let me process this ... how does my Hair Girl grow out my hair and not tell me, or better yet, why did it take me this long to notice? What the hell? Am I dense? Did I not notice she was not cutting as much off? This is not good!!!

I have made an appointment for Thursday ... we need to get to the bottom of this! Either I need to fall in love with my new hair ... whatever the vision will be ... or she needs to cut some hair off ...

She is awesome and her vision is always on target ... but I am really not sure how this will turn out!

Stay tuned ...

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