The Help

Ok ... read Something Blue so fast my head spun.  It was an easy read and I was still on the heels of Something Borrowed so it was so easy to just keep reading.

(photo courtesy of Amazon)

I started The Help at the beach and I am down to the last few chapters.  I do not want it to end.  I love this book.  It was so hard to read at first.  The way the black women were treated bothered me so deeply.  It wasn't until I started reading the chapters on Skeeter that I realized the book would turn around. 

I just poured myself a cup of coffee and I am heading back to the book for the home stretch.  I will be so sad when the book is finished and counting the days for the movie to be released!  I never read a book so far in advance so this one will be pure agony!  I have watched the preview more than once ... I have to confess!


Then ... on to Water for Elephants ...

What else do I need to add to my reading list?


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