I have a serious love affair brewing ...

With colored bottoms!  The love is intense and will only be fulfilled with purchases of many pairs ...

(courtesy of people.com)

I have been eyeing the J Brand skinny fit colored jeans all summer.  I love the fit and I love the colors but I am not in love with the price. 

How do you decide between hot pink, blue, red and then how about yellow? 

Or think about how many things I could wear with the green?! 
Love them all!!!

And then there are these from JCrew.  Hold on to your wallet Lawyer ...
its gonna be bad!  
I like the matchstick cord in vibrant flame ...

and graffiti green!

And do not even get me started on the Cafe Capris ...

At $118 each that purchase is gonna hurt the wallet!
I love the blue and the camel!!!

And oh Lawd ... do not even bring up the Banana Republic Mad Men collection ... that whole collection makes my heart skip a beat!!!

Ahh ... dreaming of colored pants makes me take in a deep breath and sigh!

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