Very upset little people...

So the weather channel yesterday was reporting snow this morning.  Not the kind that sticks and cancels school ... but the pretty, makes the kids excited kind.  They were pumped.  The teachers must have discussed it at school because they came off the bus shooting the news.  They must have checked the app on my iPhone a million and one times.  

They were ready.  They slept with their pjs inside out.  They flushed ice down the toilet.  They slept with spoons under their pillows.

The weather channel app was reporting they would wake up to snow flurries that would last most of the day.

They were so excited.

Until 6:30 am when they woke up and it was raining.

They are grumpy, short tempered and all around not fun to be with.  Getting ready for school was bad, bad.

Not cool weather channel app.  Not cool!


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